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Did you see your favorite ‪#‎Olitz‬ moment? Get ready for the return of ‪#‎Scandal‬ on September 24.

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You recently tweeted that you were at the table read for the first episode of season 5 of ‘Scandal!’ What can fans expect?
“You know, Tony Goldwyn and I were talking after the table read just about how the last season you saw [*spoiler alert*] Fitz and Olivia getting it on on the Truman balcony, but we were just blown away by how that relationship is dealt with in the first episode back. It’s exciting.”


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Kerry Washington, “Scandal”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

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Gladiators, celebrate! The fifth season of “Scandal” is officially underway, and we have the photographic proof now courtesy of someone who is definitely going to be at the heart of just about everything all season long: Star Kerry Washington.

The attached photo below comes from Kerry’s Instagram page, and it shows her alongside Tony Goldwyn while seemingly at the table read for the premiere. This are both people who are going to have their work cut out for them during the season premiere episode. There’s so much going on when it comes to Olivia and Fitz, and much of it could stem from the fact that if they choose to go this route, they may actually opt to be together at this point. Right in the middle of her political ascension, Fitz is not even interested in keeping up a ruse with Mellie … at least when we last saw him.

Part of the fascinating thing about “Scandal” as a series is that ultimately, very little necessarily is guaranteed to stay constant. We could have events from the finale of last season be diminished somewhat by a time jump, or by a new crisis. There are so many different things all in the air that could shake matters up a little bit.

The new season of “Scandal” is set to premiere on ABC in just over two months, and be prepare for more updates every step of the way.

Ran into this guy today. #5candal table read

Una foto pubblicata da Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) in data:


You want compulsive TV drama, a mesmerising leading woman and a working wardrobe to die for? Scandal star Kerry Washington has it handled.

For someone who gives up acting “at least” once a year, Kerry Washington is doing OK. “When I read Ray for the first time, I had just quit. When I read The Last King Of Scotland, I had just quit,” she recalls with a laugh. “I hadn’t quite quit when I read Scandal, but I was feeling really unfulfilled as an actor.” Happily for us, the power of a good script always tempts her back to acting, which is how she ended up stepping into the shoes of Olivia Pope back in 2012. If you’re aware of the soap-y, shouty, Washington DC-set drama, you’re almost certainly a fan, and that’s primarily Kerry’s doing. As a crisis manager with the White House’s great and good on her speed dial, Olivia specialises in solving (or burying) the sort of career-ruining shenanigans that super-injunctions were invented for – all while strutting around in the outfits of your dreams.

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